Affiliate program:

The Affiliate Program supposes placing advertisements on your sites by other companies. At the same time the advertisement displaying of other competing goods and services on your site is totally excluded due to the portal special settings. Your income (bonus units) will depend on the number of hits and clicks on advertising from your web page as well as from the cost of ad transfer set by advertiser. Received bonus units you can use for your subsequent marketing campaign or spend them in a special shop providing discount on products and services listed in it. Payout of commissions make up to 75% for received bonus units.

Join our Affiliate program - it is convenient and beneficial!

Currently affiliate programs are the most popular ways to earn money in the Internet.

We will help you to select the banners to be placed on your site so that they suit your site design. Moreover, we will select the advertising in a way that banners will not compete with each other showing your rivals on your site, for example.

Such approach will provide the maximum traffic of your site and this will yield a lot of revenue, that is always nice!