Promotion of services and products

We incur costs to promote your products and services via the Internet, in other words, being your reseller. You pay only sale fee to us. Percentage discussed preliminarily and paid at closing the deal. If you are interested in such type of cooperation, you have to fill in the form about your business activity and create your products and services catalogue that you want to represent for promotion in the Internet.

Promotion in the Internet is the most advantageous way of advertising – as the Internet users coverage is tremendous. While the cost for Internet advertising is comparatively low, the feedback overwhelms all expectations.

Moreover, if you correctly make and place the internet advertisement, it will hit the target audience more easily.

More and more people use Internet to search for the products and service, that is why it is so important to promote in it.

We offer you partnership on advantageous terms for you. Do not waste time, start promoting your services and products with us right now!